Pakistani actors show outrage after hint at shutting down YouTube

KARACHI: Pakistani actors have shown outrage after the Supreme Court hinted at shutting down YouTube.
In this regard, Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat took to Twitter and wrote that freedom of speech is the basic tenet of any society. 

“Really? Banning YouTube?? What next – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, or even WhatsApp? Freedom of speech is the basic tenet of any society. In Pakistan, social media provides checks & balances that mainstream doesn’t. Progressive states shouldn’t need to resort to bans!! #YouTubeban,” Hayat tweeted.
In a series of tweets, actress Zara Noor Abbas wrote that filter content would be a great idea but banning YouTube will only create more idleness and negativity amongst the professionals and the public.

According to the actress, there is a massive industry of content creators, digital makers, and entertainers in Pakistan.
In another tweet, Zara Noor Abbas wrote that we have already lost too many jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. “If downsizing and joblessness continue like this, the next big pandemic could be mental inactivity which will cause further crimes and induce negativity,” she further wrote.

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