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Opposition fails to remove Sanjrani as Chairman Senate

ISLAMABAD: Sadiq Sanjrani will continue his services as Senate Chairman after surviving opposition’s no-confidence motion against him on Thursday. 

100 senators attended the session in the Upper House. 50 senators cast their votes in favour of the motion while 45 against it and five votes were rejected.

The opposition’s resolution to move the no-confidence motion against the Senate chairman was passed with 64 senators voting in its favour.

On the other hand, Senate Deputy Chairman Salim Mandviwalla also survived a no-confidence motion submitted by the government. 32 votes were casted in favour of the resolution. The votes required for the resolution to be adopted were 53. Therefore, the resolution was rejected.

The opposition’s Rehbar Committee nominated Mir Hasil Bizenjo as its candidate to replace Sanjrani.

It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a no-confidence motion has been submitted against the senate chairman.

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Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Firdous Awan on the survival of Senate Chairman Sanjrani said that the opposition has lost today, their attempts to save their ill-gotten wealth and desperate measures to save their leaders and fathers from probable punishments over nefarious monetary activities.

She said that the arrow fired towards Chairman Senate to shake missed its target and achieved nothing for the opposition except embarrassment and defeat.

It is pertinent to mention here that the resolution demanded the removal of Sadiq Sanjrani as the Senate chairman challenged by Opposition leaders in the Senate. 



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