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Root cause of mischief

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

There is no doubt that the country is in constant political uncertainty. What are the causes of this crisis? The Nawaz Sharif government formed in 2013 not only got the country out of serious problems but also started raising the economy to such heights that we were called the fastest growing economy.

Global organizations even forecasted where the economy would stand ten years from now. The list of serious issues that the PML-N government has addressing is exhaustive but it will be suffice to mention only three issues.  When Nawaz Sharif came to power in 2013, terrorism was at its peak not only hot in the country but also in Karachi. Bombings and targeted killings were a daily occurrence. This scourge of terrorism was crushed in just two and a half years and law and order was restored.

The second major achievement was what when the government came to power, we were facing 18 hours of load shedding. Three years later, power outages had practically reduced to zero. The third biggest achievement was that were long queues of vehicles at CNG stations. Citizens lined up for hours to fill up tanks but three years later, the rows disappeared.

At the time when the Nawaz Sharif’s government was solving all these problems, another force was trying to overthrow this government This force has gone to great lengths to uproot one of the most capable and successful governments in our history. First, a long march and sit-in was organized with their puppet. When this scheme failed, the goddess of justice was imposed on the face by the court with the Panama scandal. What was the narrative?

It’s just that for the last thirty years we’ve been bored with the same faces. We want to see a new look. We said the government was doing a great job and economic experts were heralding us as the fastest growing economy. But who cares? We don’t like their faces? Or we don’t like your mustache? It was further explained that he will drown the country and wreck the economy and has no experience in the running state of affairs. The answer is, “He won the World Cup, so he will be a good ruler”. In short, he succeeded in imposing his favorite form on the nation.

As a result, the same issues from which Nawaz Sharif led the country out from have resurfaced today. Terrorists are raising their heads once again. Every day a large number of security personnel are being targeted. Target killings, bomb attacks have again started in Karachi. Load shedding is taking place and gas supply has been cut off in homes. The price of edible oil left by Nawaz Sharif at Rs150 per kg has now gone up to Rs500 per kg. The dollar has hit a double century and the country is in danger of going bankrupt.

When their blue-eyed boy started showed his eyes, those who ordered positive reporting became angry and “neutral”. As a result, the most incompetent “new face” fell to the ground. The government would not have fallen if they had not been neutral. Restraining them isn’t the problem and is only a matter of ten days.

The PDM faces two issues. All departments are constitutionally and legally bound to obey the orders of whichever government is in power. This principle is so intuitive that the head of any department does not even need to announce that we will now follow the orders of the present government. Everyone knows their constitutional responsibilities and must comply with these orders.

But there is one department that needs a clear announcement because it has a tradition of violating the constitution. It seems that the PDM government fears that if it initiates difficult decisions, it will not get legal compliance from this department. For example, there are rioting in the cities, the government may not get the help of Rangers to maintain law and order. Why? Because they have become neutral. As if they are bound to abide by the same constitutional provisions.

The second problem facing the PDM government is that the blue-eyed boy is now reportedly ordering ‘neutral’ to conduct early elections after its relentless onslaught. According to media reports, the government is being asked to announce new elections by attacking people with petrol bombs.

The PDM thinks that if the order for early elections is to be fulfilled then why should they raise petrol prices and go to the polls as their culprits.

It wants to raise petrol prices only if they stay in power for a year to bring the national economy back on track and the go to the people asking for votes.

This does doesn’t seem to be the case with those bringing “new faces”. If the PDM’s one and a half year performance turns out to be better, then the people will ask why our economy drowned at the hands of its “incompetent” people. An impression is being created that the PDM government is carrying out a scheme to enforce the same conditions as the IMF. In other words, the PDM is expected to pick up the pieces of garbage left by at the cost of political suicide.

In the midst of this dilemma, anti-corruption officials suddenly abducted PTI leader Dr Shirin Mazari on Saturday. When a law enforcement agency picks someone without fulfilling the legal requirements, it cannot be called an arrest. Arrest is a legal process or else it is kidnapping, even by government officials. Not only the federal and Punjab government but the entire PDM condemned the incident as if they had not issued any orders regarding Dr Shireen Mazari’s arrest.

This begs the question, where did these orders come from? Iman Mazari, daughter of Shirin Mazari, has directly blamed it on ‘neutrals’. Not only Iman Mazari but also PTI’s Shehbaz Gill tweeted and Dr Shireen Mazari was not released by Hamza Shehbaz’s order but those who picked her up. But interestingly, after her release, Shahbaz Gill blamed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah for the incident. Perhaps he did not know that the position of the government and the PTI itself is different.

The ‘Neutral’ seems to have made the worst guess in this case. Perhaps itthought that the uncertain PDM government would use the abduction of Shireen Mazari to woo neutrals. The PDM government flatly refused and the neutrals are suffering from severe confusion. What is the solution to this uncertainty?

There are two solutions. The first is that the PDM government should come out of power without making any difficult decisions and inform people about the facts. The second solution is for the one who has brought the country to this point should go home in early retirement and let someone come in who has neither the scars of a sit-in, nor has he been behind Panama scandal. He has not been accused of putting RTS on it, nor has he been eager for “new faces”. The situation will return to normal as soon as a spot is found. Whether one likes it or not, the root cause of mischief is controversial people.

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