Reham Khan claims her ‘vehicle was held at gunpoint’ in PM’s ‘New Pakistan’

Reham Khan, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently claimed that her vehicle was held at gunpoint last night.

British-Pakistani origin journalist revealed that the incident took place last night when she was coming back from a wedding. In her tweet, she also attacked the Prime Minister for this ‘New Pakistan’.

The prime minister’s former wife in a tweet said, “On the way back from my nephew’s marriage my car just got fired at & two men on a motorbike held vehicle at gunpoint!! I had just changed vehicles. My PS & driver were in the car. This is Imran Khan’s New Pakistan? Welcome to the state of cowards, thugs & the greedy!!”

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Reham Khan also ranted that an FIR has still not been registered. “It’s 9 am. My PS & team has not had a minute of sleep & the FIR still has not been registered in Shams Colony Police Station Islamabad. Investigation is ongoing. Waiting for a copy of the FIR,” she tweeted.

She concluded the post by saying that she does not fear death or injury but she is outraged and concerned about those who work for her. Khan is a journalist of British-Pakistani origin who was briefly married to now premier Imran Khan in 2015 only for 10 months.

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