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Promoting Pakistan’s identity

Imaad Zuberi

The writer is a venture capitalist and philanthropist.

The 9/11 incident not only drastically changed the United States forever but Muslims around the world were impacted as racism and discrimination intensified. This led to a tough situation for Muslims as they now had to not only defend themselves but also face various conspiracies against their religion.

It is the moral and religious obligation of every Muslim to defend the prestige and honour of our esteemed Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Muslims in Europe have to face newer challenges to safeguard this honour against rising incidents of blasphemy. While Pakistan showed its far-sightedness and gave refuge to its people living under the shadow of 9/11, Muslims in Europe and the US had an added responsibility to restore the real image of Islam.

Back then we decided to showcase the true image of our country and developed a film in 2002 which was broadcasts across the United States to show a positive image of Islam. For the past two decades, we have been making efforts for increased US, European and Chinese investments in Pakistan.

China’s trust and friendly relations with us is not merely a coincidence but has years of efforts behind it.

In 2000, we reinforced our deep-rooted bilateral relations with China and introduced new ties after intense efforts. I spent the past two decades working with Chinese firms in Beijing and Shanghai to gradually build trade relations and win their trust and support.

In 2004, I assumed charge as the executive director of the first fund management company in China. The value of our assets has since increased from $6 billion to over $100 billion and we are making efforts to convince even more Chinese firms to invest in development projects in Pakistan. Chinese firms are being shown investment opportunities in the technology and mining sector. The availability of funds, provision of cheap accommodation and sale of Pakistani products is our foremost priority.

Efforts are being made for the promotion of agricultural products and food items in China and the Middle East. We witnessed an increase in trade with Qatar after the Food Expo in 2018 where more than 800 Pakistani companies participated and showcased their products. Pakistani fruits, groceries and honey is being given increased access to markets in the Chinese markets and our mangoes are now available in nearly 50 states in the US.

This has not only provided valuable foreign exchange and unemployment for Pakistan but the local garment industry is flourishing. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world and created economic hardship along with destroying lives. In this crisis, we held provide Chinese aid to the NDMA such as the provision of N-95 masks other supplies.

We are serving as ambassadors in China and the Middle East. During the 2000s decades, we worked to expand across Europe and US to seek increased access to international markets. Pakistan products are being promoted in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand to increase investment for the development and prosperity of the nation.