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Price of eggs increased to Rs 200 per dozen in Lahore


LAHORE: The price of food items continues to increase on a daily basis across the country.

According to details, farm eggs in Lahore increased by Rs 1 and are being for Rs 200 per dozen. Sources claimed that a monopoly was established due to the closure of the big egg production company, the price of eggs remained more than 175 rupees even in hot summer, while the price of eggs remained more than 185 rupees this year.

According to sources, if the production of eggs is not increased, their price may be equal to chicken meat in winter. It should be noted that a year ago the price of eggs was Rs 162 per dozen.

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On the other hand, the inflation rate reached 24.9 percent in July while the inflation rate has increased by 4.3 percent on a monthly basis.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, vegetables have become expensive in cities by 25.14 percent, pulses by 13.87 percent, onions by 14 percent, potatoes by 11 percent, and wheat by 9.76 percent. In one month, the price of dal mash increased by 10 percent, lentils by 9 percent, tea by 9 percent, and eggs by 8 percent.

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