Stones, eggs hurled at Ali Amin Gandapur’s convoy in Jhelum Valley

The federal minister's guards resorted to aerial firing

JHELUM: A group of political activists hurled eggs and stones on the convoy of federal minister for Kashmir affairs Ali Amin Gandapur in Jhelum Valley, triggering aerial firing from his guards.

The incident took place when Gandapur, along with Minister for Communication and Postal Services Murad Saeed and other PTI leaders, was headed to a public gathering in connection with the upcoming elections in Azad Kashmir.

A video clip recorded by someone from amongst the activists showed the convoy passing through the main road beneath and being hurled with eggs and stones. The people also blocked the Srinagar Highway. The federal minister’s guards resorted to aerial firing to break up the crowd.

Later, the PTI ascribed blame to the PML-N leadership on Twitter. “Fearing the defeat of Raja Farooq Haider, it is clear from this video of the attack on the convoy of Murad Saeed that the PML-N has lost its footing.

“Now Kashmiris will be holding the incompetent PML-N rulers accountable for five years,” the party wrote. However, the PML-N leadership denied the allegations.

PTI leader Sardar Tanvir Ilyas alleged that the N-League workers opened fire at the PTI’s caravan and threw stones. “One of my security squad member’s was wounded in an assault by the unidentified attackers,” he claimed.

“Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider threatened Murad Saeed of serious consequences if he enters the constituency,” Sardar Tanvir claimed. “After the threat by Haider, firing was carried out when Saeed entered his constituency”, he added.

The AJK PM’s spokesperson brushed the allegations aside, saying neither did the government or the PML-N have anything to do with the incident. “It is reprehensible to link such incidents with Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider,” the spokesman said.

The AJK PM’s spokesperson said Gandapur is a victim of public reprimand for his foul language. The spokesperson also called upon Prime Minister Imran Khan to recall the abusive minister.