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California man appears to be first person cured of HIV


An HIV-positive man from the US state of California has become the first patient in the world to be cured of HIV through only an experimental treatment.

According to the report of a foreign news organization, the speakers on the occasion of a global conference on HIV recently held in Canada expressed their views on the treatment provided in the United States.

According to the details, for the first time in the world, the weakest person affected by HIV and leukemia i.e. blood cancer has recovered after a complex cell transplant. Experts on this patient have expressed hope that such a treatment may be beneficial for the malignant disease.

According to foreign media reports, a 66-year-old patient underwent the most complex cell transplant at the City of Hope National Cancer Hospital in Duarte, California which is kind of like gene editing, after which the patient recovered from HIV and blood cancer.

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As per the report, the 66-year-old patient was infected with HIV in 1988 when the virus was first diagnosed in the world, meaning he was the primary patient to develop the disease.

According to a foreign media report, the 66-year-old man spent more than half of his life with HIV, while he was also diagnosed with blood cancer some time ago.

Specialists transplanted the 66-year-old man with ultra-rare blood cells donated by an unidentified European man. In which the donated cells were added to the patient’s body.

Experts said that this method of treatment is considered very complicated because the transplant involves a kind of gene editing. According to experts, a cell transplant was performed in the infected person, which went into the patient’s immune system and closed the cell doors that allow the HIV virus to enter the blood.

The transplant of the 66-year-old man was done in 2019, after which the victim continued to use anti-HIV drugs for some time, but after getting the corona vaccine, he stopped taking all the drugs, and fortunately For the last one and a half years, he is off medication and is fully recovered.

According to the report, the said person is the weakest patient in the world to recover from HIV and blood cancer by the above treatment and before him, a total of three other HIV and blood cancer patients also underwent similar treatment. He had recovered.

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