Playing video games helps improve children’s memory: Study

MADRID: A study has claimed that the habit of playing video games can help improve children’s memory.

It was earlier said that playing the game is an addiction and it can be detrimental to the mental development of children. However, the latest study claims that the habit of playing video games will help improve children’s memory. 

Research from the Open University of Catalonia found that even after quitting playing video games, it results in various brain changes over the years. The study included 27 people between the ages of 18 and 40, some of whom played video games while others stayed away.

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The researchers said that people who were interested in video games before adolescence, even if they played for a very short time, performed better in working memory tests, which required mental stability and mastery of details.

The study found that people who were not interested in playing video games as children did not benefit from the benefits of detailed analysis and mental retardation.


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