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NASA schedules all-female spacewalk for today

NASA schedules all-female spacewalk for today
NEW YORK: The tour to international space conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s two women astronauts is scheduled to happen on Friday.
The astronauts, Christina Koch and Anne McClain, will go on a mission that would last for more than six and a half hours.
According to a report by the US newspaper, the spacewalk was decided by accident. When a rocket launch was aborted mid-flight, two astronauts who were supposed to go to the International Space Station were grounded.
In this regard, NASA had to change their schedule. The agency announced that two women, Christina Koch and Anne McClain would do the spacewalk instead.
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The first all-woman spacewalk could not take place earlier because NASA did not have enough space suits to fit the two astronauts (Both needed a size medium.)
In this regard,  the American politician, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Make another suit.” NASA prepared another suit for the two astronauts.
Koch and McClain would make the historic excursion on Friday. Their mission will venture outside the International Space Station for six and a half hours. It is the first all-woman spacewalk in more than five decades of spacewalking.
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