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Muneeb Butt opens up about social media: ‘Trolls will always say something no matter what’

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Actor Muneeb Butt recently opened up about what he feels about social media and how everyone has it and they feel free to comment on people.

Recently, Muneeb Butt and Saboor Aly appeared on The Mazedaar Show with Aadi and Faizan and talked about how he feels about social media. The Koi Chand Rakh actor said that people on social media will always comment on you.

The host also shared that a few people are always sitting on social media to abuse you. To his statement, the Bandi actor opened up and said that the trolls will always say something no matter what. He further said that people have made fake accounts for trolling purposes. They especially sit and abuse people and unleash their hate after spewing venom, he maintained.

Saboor who was also invited as a guest shared her point of view that if someone is posting something on social media, just don’t judge them. Saboor Aly also said that she learned many slang words from Instagram because she was called out with those words in comments.



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