More young people being infected with coronavirus: Study

WASHINGTON: A new research suggests that more young people are being more infected with the coronavirus as the number of cases surge in many parts of the world.
The data of new infections in the coronavirus pandemic appears to be younger following resurgences in countries such as the United States, Israel and Portugal linked to greater social contact among under the 40s following the loosening of restrictions.  
The change has been noted by scientists at the World Health Organization, who have also seen infections of younger people in the developing world contributing to the shifting demographics.  
Data from the recent research has shown a sharp increase in cases among the under-40 age group in comparison with early phases of the pandemic blamed by experts on so-called the second wave behaviour as younger age groups.
In such wave, people see themselves as less likely to contract a severe case of the disease. The apparent changes in the age profile of those contracting the disease have led to concerns that more relaxed attitudes among younger age groups towards physical distancing may be a key factor in driving second peaks.
Despite most of the concern in recent days being focussed on the developed world, experts are also increasingly concerned what infections of younger people in the world’s poorest countries might portend, not least those already weakened by other diseases like malaria, HIV and diarrhoea.  
According to recent figures in the US, cases have been climbing quickly among young adults in states where bars, stores and restaurants have reopened.

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