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Modi plans to construct ‘great’ temple at Babri mosque site

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NEW DELHI: The construction of the great Hindu temple at the Holy Place, which was fiercely disputed by the Muslims, took a step closer on Wednesday when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that a trust had been finalized to manage the design.
Demolishing a mosque in Ayodhya by a huge crowd of fanatics nearly 30 years ago caused some of the country’s deadliest religious abuse since independence, killing more than 2,000 citizens.

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After decades of the long legal fight, India’s supreme court ruled in November that the property in northern India should be controlled by the trust to manage the construction of a temple.
Modi has announced in Parliament, to the ovation and chants of “Hail Lord Ram” from party activists, that trust has now been established to manage the construction of the temple.
Prime Minister Modi said in the parliament, “Let us all encourage the construction of the great Ram Temple in Ayodhya,” referring that the name of the temple would be decided later. The establishment of the temple was a political promise by Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) even before the destruction of the mosque in 1992.
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