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Meesha Shafi is ready to teach yoga to few people with focus on mental health

Singer Meesha Shafi, who earlier expressed her wish to have her children learn the Urdu language is giving major fitness goals in Ramzan.

Taking to Instagram, Meesha Shafi while posting an image posing in a yoga pose and expressed a wish of becoming a yoga teacher.



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The caption read, “Almost a yoga teacher. Might teach ‘yoga with a focus on mental health’ to a few people one on one if schedule permits. Interested?” The singer also wrote that she will train the ones who are willing to learn yoga but if her schedule permits.

People also showered love and appreciated her being a yoga teacher if she wishes to become one: 

Earlier,  Meesha Shafi had earlier expressed her wish to have her children learn the Urdu language. The actress took to Twitter and wrote that her children are begging for a pup. “Pleading. Howling. Bargaining. Negotiating. They are trying everything. I’m a dog lover but it’s just so much work,” she tweeted.

According to Shafi, she has offered her children a deal, “If they start speaking to me only in Urdu and learn it by the end of the year, the pup comes,” she shared.

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Shafi also revealed that her children helped her survive through depression for three years. “As a mother of two, being strong for them has really kept me going,” Meesha said. “[They] got me out of the dark recess of suicidal depression over the past three years.”