International Day of Yoga: 8 Pakistani actors who practice yoga

International yoga day is being observed around the world today. Practicing mind and body wellness is essential to maintaining balance in life. There are many celebrities who practice yoga to support their health and happiness. Let’s draw inspiration from some

Did you know yoga helps people with sleep disorders?

International Day of Yoga is just four days away, however, many people still confuse yoga with any specific religion or culture but in reality, it is one of the oldest physical disciplines in existence. Interestingly, Yoga is over 5000 years

Meesha Shafi is ready to teach yoga to few people with focus on mental health

Singer Meesha Shafi, who earlier expressed her wish to have her children learn the Urdu language is giving major fitness goals in Ramzan. Taking to Instagram, Meesha Shafi while posting an image posing in a yoga pose and expressed a wish

Yoga is for everyone: Zarmina Faisal on yoga, mindfulness and more

Yoga has been around for centuries and is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan too. Many see it as a means to stay fit, while others turn to the mat for a peace of mind.  We spoke to certified yogi and

10 Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Every Day

KARACHI: Yoga is one of the oldest physical disciplines in existence. It is over 5000 years old. it was originally practiced a form of healing.  Breathing is a key element of yoga. It connects the mind, body, and soul. The