Leadership skills during crisis

Ayaz Moras

The writer is a motivational speaker and social activist.

There is an element of fear and uncertainty around the world as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe. There is one question on everyone’s mind. When and how will this crisis end? The mental agony, stress, and economic worries have increased hardships for people.
Such a state of mind creates makes functioning difficult. One can’t even utilize their professional and personal skills. Under such circumstances, the role of leaders is vital to drive the nation out of crisis. They should display leadership skills and effective strategies that not only shows their own prowess in dealing with a crisis but also benefit the nation.
Whenever a corporation, society, or even a country faces a crisis, it is the role of a strong, determined and diligent leadership to assume charge. They need to remain focused and active in these conditions. We need genuine and real leaders to deal with a crisis of such magnitude. Natural disasters such as the ongoing pandemic are a test for leaders to show their leadership skills. Their actions under duress and testing times will save their nation and they will be remembered in history.
Novelist Maya Angelou once said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
During difficult times, a leader should not only lead the nation but also maintain a composure different from others. It is vital that he should be mentally fit as hasty decisions could have lethal consequences. A person is often unable to take any decision when under duress. Leaders should use their skills to seek advice, build a strategy and implement them to avert a disaster. They will determine what course of action is required and will make them popular and remembered for a long time.
Leaders have brought out their nations from great disasters. The world today is in the midst of a similar situation. Some countries apart from social, economic, and financial crisis are also facing a leadership crisis. Those households, organizations, and countries that have leadership with a strong mindset and positive approach will be able to come out of the global crisis.
Disparity, fear and uncertainty are common during these circumstances, but it necessary that leaders provide assurances, hope and optimism that the situation will be under control. A leader is one who understands his responsibilities and fulfills them to the best of his ability. The world needs leaders who step forward and assume charge, because nations move forwards, not with money but rather their attitudes.
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