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Huawei to support ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative

ISLAMABAD: A high-level delegation of Chinese technology giant Huawei called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed interest in is realising the IT initiatives of the government. The delegation was led by Global Senior Vice President Huawei Technology Mr Hou

Leadership skills during crisis

There is an element of fear and uncertainty around the world as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe. There is one question on everyone’s mind. When and how will this crisis end? The mental agony, stress, and economic worries

Hira Mani’s husband praises her acting skills

KARACHI: The husband of Pakistani actress Hira Mani, Salman Shaikh, praised his wife and declared her a ‘genius brilliant performer’ in the drama industry. Salman Shaikh’s comments came a day after Hira was nominated for best actress for her excellent

Imran Abbas praises acting skills of Ayeza Khan

KARACHI: Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas on Monday has praised the acting skills of co-star Ayeza Khan and termed her one of the most polished actresses in the drama industry. Imran Abbas took to social media and shared

PM launches skills training ‘Hunarmand Pakistan’ program

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said the government will concentrate on enhancing job creation opportunities in the country this year. Addressing launching ceremony of ‘Hunarmand Pakistan’ program, the prime minister said last year the government focused on attaining