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Lawyer Khadija Siddiqui slams Lahore CCPO over his remarks

ISLAMABAD: Lawyer Khadija Siddiqui has slammed Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh over his recent statement over motorway gang-rape incident.

In a tweet, Khadija Siddiqui slammed Umar Sheikh that who he is to set time limits for women.

“Ccpo claiming that in our society women/children aren’t allowed to go outside after 12:30 am! Who are you to set time limits for us? I was stabbed 23 times in broad daylight! Don’t tell us that ‘time’ is directly connected to the commission of offense!,” she wrote.

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Siddiqui was reacting to the CCPO’s comments on the motorway rape case, where the CCPO had said that women should not be traveling on their own late at night for their own safety.

The Lahore CCPO had said that the victim should have checked her petrol tank before getting on the said route. “The woman had left Lahore’s Defence area at 12:30 am for Gujranwala,” he added.

“I am surprised. A mother of three, a lone driver after leaving Defence should have taken the straight route from GT Road — a generally well-populated area,” he remarked. The Lahore CCPO is set to lead the investigation of the gruesome incident.

Earlier on Wednesday, Police arrested 12 suspects for allegedly raping a woman near a motorway in Lahore. She was dragged out of her car by two men and raped in front of her children.

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