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KRK criticizes Indian govt for delay in granting citizenship to Akshay Kumar

Kamal Rashid Khan says BJP government is not working on granting citizenship to Akshay Kumar. (Photo: T-Hub, Twitter)

MUMBAI: Indian actor and film critic Kamaal R. Khan (KRK) who is often criticised in Bollywood for his predictions, has criticized the Modi government’s reluctance to grant citizenship to a Bollywood actor, saying the BJP government was not doing Akshay Kumar’s job.

In a message on Twitter, criticizing both the Bollywood actor and the Indian government, KRK said, “Dear Akshay Kumar Bhai Jaan, Socha Yaad Dila Doon. You did apply to get back your Indian nationality 3 years ago. So what has happened? BJP govt is not doing your work and it’s really unfair. I have full sympathy with you bro.”

Indian actor KRK innocently asked Akshay Kumar what happened three years ago when he applied for Indian citizenship. The BJP government is not doing its job and this is really a matter of great concern. I have full sympathy for you.

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In another tweet, KRK wrote that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the filmmakers to make a film on Operation Ganga. “I am sure that Canadian citizen Akshay Kumar will announce this film very soon,” he said.

Earlier, renowned Indian actor and film critic KRK had said that thousands of Indian students would drop out of school due to the Karnataka High Court’s decision against the hijab. In his message on Twitter yesterday, KRK said that according to the Karnataka High Court, a hijab cannot be worn in school or college. After this decision, thousands of female students will stop reading and writing.



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