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Is Nawaz Sharif returning to Pakistan?

The 'deal' and Nawaz Sharif's return

In the last few days, I have attended two or three meetings where friends with different political views gathered. At one dinner, most of the participants were from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). According to them, Imran Khan will somehow complete his term and may form a government in the future. They were interested to know whether the PTI government was leaving or not and how this “miracle” would occur.

At another dinner party, the majority were Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters. Disappointment was also visible to them. They had little to defend government performance, only a few economic figures that were also suspicious. With regard to health cards, however, those people seemed optimistic that this initiative could prove to be a game changer.

Participants were interested to know whether a deal was being struck between PML-N and the Establishment and whether Nawaz Sharif would return. Considering me an informed journalist, I was repeatedly asked in this regard. I also did not disappoint them and presented 12 different conspiracy theories.

Therefore, the fact is that no one knows the truth. Various rumors are being made into news, conspiracy theories are being drawn up and then spread through social media, YouTube vlogs and sometimes mainstream media. Each circles has its own agenda and its own interests.

The PTI has carried out the news of PMLN-Establishment deal with regular planning. Prime Minister Imran Khan deliberately said a few things in one of his important meetings which strengthened this impression and then all those things were aired on TV and in newspapers by naming it as an internal story.

According to some PTI friends, this conspiracy has two main objectives. First: To damage PML-N’s resistance statement. Obviously, when talk of a deal with the Establishment will continue and then who will believe their Anti-Establishment’s slogans. And second: To sabotage any possibility of a deal by taking premature action.

The PML-N is compelled to carry out its own resistance statement, but on the other hand, it has to come up with a conciliatory statement to appease its electables and the ruling members of the Assembly.

Local body elections in Punjab are not far away. The Punjab government will have to hold these elections in a few months under the pressure of the courts. If there is an impression of a deal, then strong personalities and influential factions at the local level will remain associated with the PML-N.

In local elections, candidates prefer to fight independently if they know that their party will not be allowed to win. PML-N wants to field strong candidates for the local body elections. As for the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif, two different rumours are circulating in this regard.

Talking to an informed analyst who monitors PML-N politics, he made a good point. He said: “Most of the rumors circulating regarding the return of Mian Sahib are mostly about Ali Dar, Hussain Nawaz, etc. or a few N-League supporters who are eager to take pictures with Mian Sahib.”

“When these people are asked what Nawaz Sharif is doing, their answers disappoint us. Usually it is known that Nawaz Sharif Sahib comes to the office in the morning, meets two or four friends or some gossips. Otherwise, his real interest is to gossip with their grandchildren, to be involved in their activities. Many times they even refuse to meet political visitors. These activities are not about repatriation and protest movement but about peace. Mian Nawaz Sharif does not seem to be in the mood for a full-fledged practical war. “

Listening to these activities of Mian Nawaz Sharif, I remembered my favorite movie Godfather. Legendary director Ford Coppola’s film is a classic. This is how the retirement of Don Vito Carleon (Marilyn Brando) was reflected. He loved to spend time with his grandchildren, away from old friends. However, we must understand that Nawaz Sharif has not retired nor has he laid down his arms.

Mian Nawaz Sharif is actually waiting for the right time. He has learned from his experience that hasty actions prove to be harmful. According to some circles, Mian Sahib feels that pressure is mounting on Pakistan from international economic institutions to repay billions of dollars of loans.

In the case of Reko Diq, too, the time has come to make big payments. The economy is not recovering from the current rulers. It is also thought in the top circles of PML-N that if Imran Khan undertakes any adventure, his relations with his patrons will be completely severed. They would like Khan to commit such a suicidal act.

Nawaz Sharif believes that if the economy continues to fluctuate like this, then with the passage of time, even the patrons of the PTI government will be disappointed and upset and will be ready for a deal with him. There have been some contacts, channels behind the talks have been opened. According to a well-informed journalist, Mian Nawaz Sharif is not in hurry, he is ready to wait a few more months.

After listening to and analyzing various rumors, gossips and conspiracy theories, it seems to me that the news of a deal and the return of Mian Sahib is premature. If the conditions remain favorable, he gets relief from the courts or there is a strong possibility of it, his sentence is terminated in some technical way, then Nawaz Sharif can return.

At present, the PTI, PML-N and PPP, the three major parties, want the elections not to be held immediately. The PTI wants to complete its term. The PPP has no objection to this, but they will continue to shoot arrows of satire at the government.

The PML-N leadership wants the PTI government to fail completely so that they have no excuse left. PML-N thinks that after three and a half years, nothing will happen in the remaining year and a half and the government will fall below its own weight.

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