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International Civil Aviation Day is being observed today

KARACHI: The International Civil Aviation Day is being observed across the globe today.
This day is celebrated globally, particularly in nations through different activities, for example, seminars, published material, educational lectures on international civil aviation topics related to the day.
This day marks raising awareness of the significance of international civil aviation and the role that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) plays in international air transport.

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ICAO was founded on 7th December 1944, to ensure international cooperation and uniformity in civil aviation matters. The International Services Transit Agreement and the International Air Transport Agreement were additionally signed.
The motivation behind International Civil Aviation Day is to perceive the significance of the aviation sector global air travel and trade which has gotten a huge measure of advancement in the social and economic spheres over the globe.

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It has been building bridges around the world empowering individuals to meet, connect, socialize, and rejoin whenever the timing is ideal.
The recognition of International Civil Aviation Day is critical as the individuals from ICAO meet up and chart the ‘Chicago Convention’ which sets out the rules and guidelines to share the skies of the world.

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At present, the ICAO takes the aviation regulations of 193 nations into consideration.


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