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Indian state terrorism

Pakistan unveiled a dossier containing “irrefutable evidence” of India’s state sponsorship of terrorism in the country and attempts to sabotaging the CPEC. There is no doubt that India is fanning terrorism but it’s time the world takes notice of its real face.

The foreign minister and military spokesman held a joint presser to expose India, a day after excessive ceasefire violations targeting civilians. Both stressed that India has become a “rogue state” that has prepared a plan to destabilize Pakistan. During the past few months, there has been a spike in terrorism such as the incidents in Peshawar and Quetta and warned it could continue in major cities.

Indian intelligence agencies are patronizing banned outfits particularly Baloch separatists who were on the run after being defeated by out valiant armed forces. India is using Afghan soil to plot these subversive activities against Pakistan. The Indian Embassy is being used for training, launching and launching these terror groups to destabilize Pakistan. India has set up over 87 camps that have frequently visited by senior Indian officials.

The main purpose is to sabotage the CPEC and reduce Chinese influence in Pakistan. For this purpose, India has raised a 700-stong militia with $60 million funds. India is also attempting to destabilize Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir as all projects passing by the region. Not to forget India is embroiled in its own conflict with China after a military standoff and the situation remains stiff ever since.

As the foreign minister stated, there is already enough evidence that India is involved in state-terrorism but now it has been presented for the world to acknowledge. India made efforts to push Pakistan into the FATF’s blacklist despite progress in terror financing and money laundering laws. The world should take action that India is involved in sponsoring terrorism which affects regional peace.

This dossier will be presented to global organizations such as UN, OIC and permanent members of UNSC showing concrete evidence of financial and material sponsorship of terrorists by India. The international community is expected to play its role for peace in the region and stop state-sponsorship of terrorism. In fact, this requires strict action to penalize India rather than issuing condemnations. The armed forces have rendered immense sacrifices and continue to do so. If the world fails to take action then Pakistan has the right to defend itself against all adversaries.

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