Indian plane lands in Karachi after technical fault

More than 100 passengers on board the Indian Airlines plane were safe. (Photo: Indian Express)

An Indian plane coming from Delhi made an emergency landing in Karachi and its passengers were not allowed to disembark as there were more than 100 passengers on board.

According to details, Indian Airlines flight number SG11 from the capital New Delhi to the United Arab Emirates suffered a technical malfunction. The pilot of a Boeing 737 contacted Pakistani air control officials.

The Indian plane sought permission for an emergency landing in Pakistani airspace. With the permission of Air Control, the Indian flight successfully made an emergency landing in Karachi.

According to Civil Aviation, the Indian plane was allowed to land on humanitarian grounds but no passenger was allowed to land in Karachi. No casualties were reported in Karachi due to the emergency landing of the plane. More than 100 passengers on board were also safe during the emergency landing.

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It may be recalled that earlier a flight of a foreign airline from Lahore to Qatar made an emergency landing at Karachi Airport due to a technical fault in the aircraft.

A Qatar Airways pilot flying from Lahore to the Qatari capital Doha made an emergency landing in Karachi last month, but all crew members and passengers were safe.

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