India today is glimpse of what IoK has been for months: Ashok Swain

India today is glimpse of what IoK has been for months: Indian professor
NEW DELHI: Indian professor Ashok Swain has claimed that what India was experiencing today, was a glimpse of what occupied Kashmir has been getting since 5th August.
In his tweets, Ashok Swain expressed concerns that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was likely to start another round of war of words against Pakistan if protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act continue till next week.
Swain wrote, “If the protests against #CitizenshipAmendmentAct continue and spread in mainland India till next week, we are most likely to see a terror attack taking place in #Kashmir and Modi starting another round of war of words against Pakistan!”

He further wrote, “What India is experiencing today, it is only a small fraction of what Kashmir has been getting since 5 August! But, some have just managed to discover that India is no more democracy under Modi-Sha!”

He added, “Modi government has intensified a crackdown on largely peaceful mass protests against the flawed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and its bigoted twin the National Register of Citizens (NRC).”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to drive the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) through the Parliament of India last week has ignited nationwide protests that have often turned violent, with six people killed and students attacked.
The law gives migrants fleeing persecution from neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh an easier path to citizenship, except that Muslims 14 percent of India’s population are excluded.

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