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Hira Tareen shuts down trolls mocking Ali Safina for his remarks about Mahira Khan

Hira Tareen shunned the trolls (Online)

Actress Hira Tareen has shut down trolls mocking her husband and actor Ali Safina for the recent remarks he made on actress Mahira Khan during a talk show.

It all started last week when Ali Safina along with his wife appeared in a talk show during which the Chupke Chupke actor said, “I think Mahira is beautiful and we like her but acting-wise she needs to up her game, I can talk from my behalf.” 

To his response, the wife of Safina, Hira Tareen, and host Ahsan Khan supported Mahira Khan and said that she is amazing. For them, Mahira Khan is the Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan and then Ali Safina instantly said that unfortunately, the same thing is said for SRK in India.  

His response, however, was not well received by Mahira Khan’s followers. Now, in a recent Instagram question and answer session, Hira Tareen shunned the trolls while answering a question she wrote she doesn’t understand why it is blown out of proportion. “We both are fans of Mahira. Yet a lot of times we both disagree on a lot of things as well.”

Hira Tareen Shunned Haters Trolling Ali Safina For His Remarks About Mahira Khan

She concluded: “What you guys have to understand is that the question of these shows are designed to either bring out fakeness and diplomacy which you guys don’t appreciate either or if someone happens to be honest once in a blue moon everyone loses their mind. What’s with the double standards?”

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She concluded the post by  writing: “For one moment, Ali just stepped into the shoes of being the audience rather than being an actor and said what he felt. I don’t think Mahira would actually even be bothered by it secondly no one else should be either.”



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