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Here’s what ‘Red Notice’ cast thinks about ‘Squid Game’ popularity

Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson has his upcoming Netflix action movie, Red Notice will premiere in November which will also feature Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Movie Red Notice’s cast starrer Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot recently reflected their opinion on Squid Game’s mega popularity and the Korean wave.

The a-list ca recently held a virtual global press conference during which The Rock talked about the hype of the series, he said, “I always love when something hits the zeitgeist and hits pop culture and really disrupts it. And with Squid (Game), I think it was really what, like what a phenomenon it is to sit and watch and witness.”

The Wonder Woman actor also talked about the series’ popularity, “Halloween, everyone would dress like the characters from there (Squid Game). It’s crazy. A phenomenon.” Whether it’s pop music or web series, South Korean ventures are making waves all around the globe.

The Deadpool star also seemed impressed with the Hallyu craze as he expressed, “Korean culture is one of the richest and deepest in the world,” he said by adding, “The contributions Korea has made to pop culture lexicon and so much of the entertainment that we enjoy, from music to film to television as well.” 

Squid Game has been watched by 142 million households since its September 17 debut, according to Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service, helping it add 4.38 million new subscribers.

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