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Has Covid affected people’s happiness? World Happiness Report reveals

The latest World Happiness Report has discovered higher levels of friendliness across the world than before the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid claimed 6.7 million lives, locked down entire countries, and triggered a global economic recession, but Covid-19 has not affected humankind’s happiness, an international study has found.

In an interview, it was revealed that more than 100,000 people across 137 countries found significantly higher levels of benevolence in all global regions than before the pandemic.

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When asked to evaluate their lives on a scale of one to 10, people on average gave scores just as high in the 2020-22 Covid years as in 2017-19.

According to the 10th World Happiness Report found, things were slightly worse in western countries and slightly better in the rest of the world.

However, overall the undoubted pains were offset by increases in the extent to which respondents had been able to discover and share the capacity to care for each other in difficult times.

Global measures of ‘misery’ fell and despite higher death tolls among elderly people, those aged over 60 on average reported improvements in their happiness relative to younger groups.

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