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Great shows to watch on Netflix in June

So far, multiple new shows and movies have already streamed this year on Netflix and many pending arts is yet to come on the streaming platform.

In the upcoming month, Netflix has planned some interesting project adaptations to its catalog, including movies based on R.L Stine. Check out six movies or series, the streaming platform will add next month which one should not miss to watch:

Lupin 2Lupin part 2 trailer, release date on Netflix, episodes and more | Tom's GuideLupin is the show that is the French thriller series, whose season was a huge hit as it reached 70 million viewers, making the series as popular as megahits like The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton.  The final five episodes of Lupin’s second season will drop on 11th June.

Sweet Tooth  First Images Released from Netflix's Sweet Tooth | DCSweet Tooth is a new series that follows a half-boy, half-deer navigating a world where a number of humans have mutated into animal hybrids who are feared by others. Robert Downey Jr. is among the executive producers.   The series is set to premiere on 4th June 2021.

AwakeAwake Trailer Reveals Why Gina Rodriguez Can't SleepSet in a world where electronics have been wiped out and humans have lost the ability to sleep, this sci-fi movie follows a former soldier (Gina Rodriguez) who, along with her daughter, thinks she can solve the humanitarian crisis. Awake will premiere on Netflix on 9th June.

The Ice RoadNext Action Flick “The Ice Road” Bought By Netflix For Huge Amount - The Next HintA movie starring Liam Neeson is set in Northern Canada where a diamond mine collapses and his ice road driver must try to save the miners in a frigid winter storm. The Ice Road is set to hit Netflix on 25th June.

Tragic Jungle  From NYFF: 'Tragic Jungle' is Tragically Forgettable | Arts | The Harvard Crimson

Tragic Jungle is a movie taking revolves in the year 1920 when a hostile region played host to a bustling gum trade spurred in equal parts by colonialism and capitalism. Jungle arrives on Netflix on 9th June.


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