Girl claims being harassed by gang for two years in Karachi

KARACHI: A teenage girl has claimed that a gang who lives near her apartment has been violently harassing her family for two years and has appealed for help.
In a video statement, a girl named Maha Malik who resides in Essa Nagri has alleged that her family is being harassed by a local gang for two years.
Maha revealed that she is a student of grade 10, and along with her sister. sh used to go every day to the coaching centre. However, when they returned to their home, she along with her sister and other friends were harassed by the thugs living in the area.
“The boys demand friendship with us, that we should obey them, talk to them and do whatever they ask,” she said, adding that the gangsters threatened to kill or kidnap them if they refused.
According to Maha Malik, her mother is already upset due to personal domestic issues as her family background is not strong and her mother is the sole earner of the family. Maha further revealed that her father does not earn as he lost his capability to work after he met with an accident. 
She further revealed that a few days ago, a man from the group slapped her sister when they were returning home in the evening. Her family immediately took action and lodged a complaint in the nearest police station. She further revealed that when they returned home, the same man who had slapped her sister hit her father too. 
“I have been since to so many places and police station and tried to lodge a complaint against the culprits but no one is helping us in this matter. Even the police are involved in the gang,” she added. 
“We have tried everything but nothing seems to help us. We have been trying to shift from this apartment since the past few weeks but are unable to find any place that could in our budget,” she maintained.
“These guys literally harass us, knock at our doors and verbally abuse our mother. Even if we run out of basic utility, my mother faces the same humiliation at the shops too,” she added.
Maha requested help in getting justice for her and her family, “Create a hashtag for my family and make it viral on social media, or do something else but please help us we are in ire need,” she said.
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