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Farmers’ protest will gain momentum and everyone will join: Naseeruddin Shah

The 71-year-old stated that the reason why the biggest Khans don’t speak up is that they fear harassment (ONLINE)

Bollywood legend actor Naseeruddin Shah has opened up in favour of Indian farmers and said he is sure the protest will gain momentum in the country.

During an interview, Naseeruddin Shah said that farmers know more about their rights than the Indian government. He said that millions of people including him are with the farmers and they are an example of courage and bravery for all.

The actor also spoke about the celebrities not coming forward and talking about the issue. He mentioned how everyone must talk about the farmer’s protesting in India. “In the end, you will not hear the words of your enemies but the silence of your friends. To say that it is not a matter of personal concern would not be right at all,” he maintained.

“If our farmers are sitting on protest in the bitter cold we cannot turn a blind eye to them. I am sure that the farmer protest will gain momentum and everyone will join in. This will definitely happen. Being silent is tantamount to supporting an oppressor. I believe this,” he was quoted as saying in the video.

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Hundreds of thousands of farmers have been protesting on the outskirts of Delhi since November 2020, demanding that the Indian government withdraw three farm laws passed in September. The protests were peaceful until 26th January, when protesters broke through police barricades to enter Delhi and clashed with the police.