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Drinking low-fat milk may slow down aging: study

NEW YORK: The new research has revealed that consuming low-fat milk may slow down the aging process.
Researchers at Brigham Young University stated that drinking low-fat milk slows down the telomerase secretion on the human chromosome. “As we get older, the protective telomeres on the edges of the chromosome become smaller which is directly related to the age,” the researchers asserted. 
According to experts, over-fat milk does not promote telomerase and thus this type of milk has no benefit. However, the researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey as well as carrying out questionnaires on 5,834 people.
Nearly half of the people in the study consumed milk daily and another quarter consumed milk at least weekly.
A third consumed whole milk and another 30 percent reported drinking two percent milk. About ten percent reported consuming one percent milk and 17 percent drank nonfat milk. Around 13 percent did not drink cow’s milk at all.
Surprisingly, the study also found that people who did not drink any milk had shorter telomeres than adults who consumed low-fat milk, meaning they also aged quicker than skimmed milk drinkers.
Even more significantly, the study analyzed the extremes of milk drinkers. They discovered that adults who consumed whole milk had telomeres were 145 molecules shorter than non-fat milk drinkers.

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