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Designer Nilofer Shahid gets slammed for using lion as prop in photo-shoot

source: online

Famous Pakistani designer Nilofer Shahid has received criticism for using a lion cub during the photoshoot of her new launch.

Soon after the pictures of the shoot went viral on the internet. Netizens had shared their concern on the matter. One of the social media users wrote, “Insensitivity & callousness,” he wrote. The opinion writer also said that such treatment of animals is “uncalled for, illegal and violates basic rights of animals” which is guaranteed to them under our legal system.”

Meanwhile, referencing Salman Khan Niazi an opinion writer’s tweet condemning the act, a lawyer from Lahore wrote a Tweet mentioning PEMRA in it to take legal notice. “This is a violation of several laws on animal rights. I am surprised how on the earth can animals be used as props. Pemra has passed a judgment whereby using animals as props is not allowed.”

Earlier a couple received serious backlash for using a sedated lion cub for their wedding shoot.

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