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Covid cases surge

The coronavirus is once again making a comeback. The number of cases are rising across the country as the Omicron variant spreads rapidly, raising alarm bells that all gains may be gradually lost.

The situation is worse in Karachi where the positivity ratio has reached an alarming level of 18%. More than 805 cases of the Omicron variant, which spreads rapidly, were reported in a single day. Authorities are in a fix on ways to contain the rising cases but are still not convinced on imposing a lockdown.

There is a serious threat that the situation might get dangerous in the coming days as hospitals have started admitting patients. It is only a matter of time before the cases reach their peak earlier than expected and healthcare facilities are burdened gain. It has been reported that women are more vulnerable to the Delta variant are they are still not fully vaccinated. It is distressing that many people are still not convinced over vaccine safety.

It should be noted that the current situation is partly due to our complacency. Wedding festivities are ongoing with full force in the winter season with complete disregard to any safety precautions. Festivals, fairs, melas, conferences, and other public events are being planned despite a surge in cases. Experts have warned that such events act as super-spreaders and are responsible for the adverse situation.

Many people are still under the misimpression of being safe after being vaccinated. However, the coronavirus is still infecting people, even those who have received double jabs. The current vaccines are resistant against the new strain and we need to remain careful.

The WHO has called on the world to make difficult decisions needed to end the pandemic this year. This seems unlikely as the United States shattered global record with over a million cases in a day, the UK reached grim milestones, and even China has reported new clusters. In the words of the WHO chief, it is better to cancel events now and celebrate later than celebrating now and grieving later.

It is imperative we pay heed to the advice and end the pandemic. The decision is ours but it seems unlikely with our current callous attitude that the pandemic could end anytime soon.


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