Coronavirus: Reality or Conspiracy?

Albert Arooj Bhatti

The novel coronavirus – that emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019 – has so far claimed lives of more than 2.4 lakhs people globally and has affected more than 3.5 million people.
The world hasn’t taken the outbreak of the coronavirus in China seriously. However, as soon as the virus left China and reached Europe, this contagious disease wreaked havoc everywhere. 
Amid this distress, the political elites opened a barrage of accusations on the opponents. Initially, China called the coronavirus a “mischief” by the United States, but when the virus reached the United States, the United States linked it to Chinese laboratories.
Whether it is an epidemic or a natural disaster, the Pakistani nation doesn’t care about anything. Following the reports of coronavirus in Pakistan, many, as usual, called it a conspiracy from the United States or the Jews. Some Pakistanis say it is part of a global conspiracy to control the world.
The cases of coronavirus in Pakistan have reached almost 20,000 according to official statistics, but in recent days many Pakistanis were claiming that these are just rumors and the reports are fake.
The deaths of some doctors and journalists have allayed suspicions about coronavirus, but people are still suspicious that whether the coronavirus is a natural disaster or a human creation.
Nearly 200 countries around the world, including Pakistan, have been affected by the epidemic, and efforts are underway to develop vaccines to control the pandemic. And the important thing is that Pakistani scientists and experts are also playing their role in the development of vaccines for the prevention of the disease.
One of the impressions of Corona is that it is designed to control the world through which humans will be given a specific vaccine and a chip will be injected in the body. From the injected chin the people will be controlled by the specific people. In this regard, the names of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other international organizations are emerging.
The United States and China have blamed each other for developing and spreading the virus. The World Health Organization has rejected US allegations against China, calling the outbreak a natural disaster. However, despite the allegations and statements, it can’t be forgotten that this contagious disease has paralyzed the whole world. Even the world’s strongest economies are now on their knees, and the world system is in shambles.
People are losing their jobs all over the world, thousands of people have lost their lives and millions more are fighting a life and death battle. It is a bit difficult to consider such a large number of victims and deaths as a conspiracy because the topmost affected countries are the most influential in the world.
But anything is possible in the game of interests. However, in such a case, even if this virus is considered a natural disaster, we can still be affected by it and if it is a human project, we can also be used to increase the number.
Therefore, instead of searching for the truth or myth of the coronavirus, we need to take all precautionary measures and we must be careful to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this pandemic. Because caution is necessary.
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