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Contaminated water being supplied to twin cities

Contaminated water being supplied to twin cities
ISLAMABAD: It has been revealed that contaminated water is being supplied to twin cities of Pakistan due to the leakage in the main pipeline of the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA).
According to details, due to the leakage near Sector H/13 in the main pipeline of WASA, supplying drinking water to the twin cities from Khanpur Dam, the sewage water has been mixed with the drinking water.
The citizens of the twin cities are forced to buy water tankers at higher prices. The pipeline has been leaking for quite some time. However, the concerned authorities are still unaware of it.
In this regard, Citizens have demanded Islamabad administration to stop the supply of contaminated water in twin cities and take legal action against tanker mafia.
The supply of safe drinking water to the residents of the city has been a major challenge for the local civic agencies. The situation has not improved much after the introduction of the much-trumpeted district governance system.
This particular type of contamination can cause mental retardation, anemia, lethargy, irritability, liver, and kidney diseases, besides abnormalities infertility.
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