Cleric sexually abused children for 15 years in Lahore mosque

LAHORE: A cleric has been allegedly involved in sexually assaulting children in a mosque for the past fifteen years.
A complaint has also been filed over the incident where children and students were being allegedly abused by a cleric in Jamia mosque of Model Town, Lahore. According to the complaints and Masjid committee, the man and his brother were involved in such gruesome acts.
Reportedly both accused have run away. In a video, a 27-year-old male victim has admitted that he was first raped by Qari Tahir Shah, the cleric, at the age of 12. Additionally, he claimed that he was sexually abused many times since then.

The victim also shared that earlier he used to fear from taking a stand. Moreover, he also urged the students and children to talk openly about such incidents at home or the closed ones. He advised people to always reach out to the parents if they ever experience such assaults.
Child sexual abuse cases have shockingly been growing expeditiously in Pakistan. Every day a new child abuse case is brought to the forefront. Around 10 children are sexually abused every day in the country.
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