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City warden loses life over non-payment of salaries

KARACHI: The non-payment of salaries has affected the lives of wardens who are facing immense financial hardship.

City warden Yousuf Mumtaz, who was troubled by economic woes, suffered a brain hemorrhage which resulted in his death. He was suffering from severe financial difficulties and mental stress due to non-payment of salaries and suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage.

This is the second incident due to severe economic hardship in the past week as another warden reportedly died last week.

The wardens have been deprived of their salaries for the last two and a half months. The city wardens have not yet been paid salaries for December 2020. These are the city wardens who are seen controlling the traffic in the city. Especially during Ramadan, the work of city wardens increases.

Dozens of city wardens have also been shot by unknown assailants. KMC deploys city wardens to solve the problems but has not paid them their salaries or other facilities for several months.

City wardens are suffering from severe depression due to non-payment of salaries and risk losing their lives. They have demanded from the higher authorities that the payment of salaries and benefits be made as soon as possible and action should be taken against those responsible for the delay.