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Can Imran Khan come into power again?

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

The world two or three hundred years after the Second World War was a world where the West had a complete monopoly. Powers have been changing there, but one world power after another has emerged from there. Their mutual battles were local but to the world outside the West, they were the same. Britain was the last world power in this one-sided world. By starting World War II, Hitler tried to snatch this place from Britain for Germany. In which he was half successful but half failed. 

The world after World War II was divided into two blocs. Some countries were in the camp of America, which had now become the leader of the West after Great Britain. While some countries were in the camp of the Soviet Union. Although there were some countries that were in a third camp. Camp of Non-Aligned Countries. But most of them were unaffiliated, to say the least, otherwise, their clear leanings were visible from time to time. For example, India also belonged to the camp of non-aligned countries, but its transactions were more with the Soviet Union.

In this multi-polar world, the condition of weak countries was different. The countries which were under the influence of the United States were dictated by the United States, while the situation was the same in the countries which were weak and were in the Soviet camp. Therefore, a continuous process of overthrowing the throne was not seen in these countries, but the execution or accidental death of the disobedient ruler was also arranged. Because he felt that the collapse of the Soviet Union had cleared the way for his rule over the entire world. In his imagination, he was the ruler of the world in the 21st century and the western countries were his ministers and advisers. But two or three incidents shattered this dream.

One is that the US entered Afghanistan and Iraq like an unbridled bull, where lines were drawn from its nose that its image of being a superpower was reduced to dust. The second is that China, which has been carrying out large-scale reforms since 1994, suddenly became very fast on the road of development. In such a situation, when the global financial crisis of 2008 came, the United States and its allies suffered from a major disaster due to the Afghan war, while it was at this time when China was putting its development speed on turbo gear. And at the same time, Russia also followed suit. Now it is a settled fact that the US is no longer in the situation where it used to dictate to the countries under its influence. Now its condition has become that of a blackmailer.

We know that the internal politics of every country in the world is influenced by global politics. Because as a social being, no human being can live in isolation from other human beings, in the same way, no country can operate in isolation from the rest of the world. If this was possible, the current rulers of Afghanistan would not have waited for the friendly return of the same United States, which they fought for twenty years. They are making this demand because no country can live without dependence on other countries. And it is this situation that gives America its power of blackmail.

Since it is you, the one puts forward the demand list and this begins the process of “reversing” your vehicle of national pride. What does sentimentality have to do with national pride? Such honor is seen only in films from the Indian subcontinent. Honor is to seriously analyze why I am subjugated. When you make a list of reasons, then the second question will be what are the ways out of this situation? And when that list is also made, then keeping these two lists in mind, a road map of self-reliance should be prepared.

This road map has small milestones as well as destinations. And the most important rule of this journey is that until I reach the destination, I will not mess with anyone. Because if I did, I might have to go back several years due to some heavy loss, and if not, it is certain that the speed of travel would slow down. At the leadership level, this honor was not seen in anyone. In 74 years, all those who came to sell the dust of honor were either fan of Sultan Rahi or Mustafa Qureshi.

His Excellency Imran Khan is the worst among them. For example, look at the worst moment in the entire history of Pakistan-Saudi relations during the reign of Imran Khan, when the Saudis went to the extent of saying

“Sade Paisa Kadho”

And they kept taking money from you. Why did this situation arise? Because Mr. Khan forgot that the heat in Pakistan’s pocket is not from Pakistani rupees but from Saudi Riyals. So the Saudis were not worried about their Riyals, but they wanted to teach Khan Sahib that the dream of becoming a world leader can be dreamed of by those whose national pocket notes are from their own earnings. Not only Rials were taken back, but it even happened that when one of our Tarim Khans went to Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman did not even bother. So “Turam” Khan learned his lesson. And Imran Khan was dismissed. But Khan did not learn anything. He picked up a big axe and smashed it to his feet saying that America has conspired against him.

And this claim was also a complete lie which has been proven to be a lie. In these circumstances, one day General Bajwa suddenly arrived in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis gave him their highest civil honor. And said that this honor is being given for improving Pak-Saudi relations. Now it is a simple question that the relations between the two countries were tense till April this year. Then what happened after April, on which General Bajwa deserved the highest civil honour? The only achievement is that it became neutral. As a result of which the hand cleaner could not save himself even Tonshakhana’s watches.

Now let’s look at the next step. Four days ago, the international media reported that the IMF has told the Saudis that giving us one billion dollars will not benefit Pakistan. Its work will be done only when you also give 4 billion dollars. If you don’t give four billion dollars and we give one billion dollars, then our one billion dollars will sink. So you tell us that you intend to give four billion dollars? If yes, then we will give our one billion to Pakistan before you. The Saudis have replied that if Imran Khan comes to power, the Saudi government will not help Pakistan in any way. So, in these circumstances, Imran Khan can play “jalsa jalsa, march march” but he cannot come to power.

No long game is needed to block their path. Have free and fair elections. And if equal opportunities are available to all political parties, then Imran Khan cannot stand in front of Nawaz Sharif. If they had the power to compete with Nawaz Sharif, why would the top Saudi civil honorees have to do political vandalism with the help of the Agriculture Department for the 2018 elections? In the case of Panama, why should I take the path of disqualification? And why was the Supreme Court of Pakistan seen as the electoral headquarters of PTI during the tenure of Justice Saqib Nisar? Despite all this why RTS had was down?

So, if the institutions take one side and leave the competition to the politicians, then Mohammad bin Salman will think that the civil honor has not been lost. And Khan himself knows that it is impossible to win without institutions. That is why they are now starting to convince the institutions that the U-turn is a good thing and you also take the U-turns. And Khan Sahib is forgetting that generals take military or civil honors, not U-turns. 

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