Burqa-clad man robs landlord in Gujranwala

RAWALPINDI: A burqa-clad man robbed the landlord of his house after he was unable to pay the rent to the coronavirus-induced lockdown enforced for the past four months.
The unusual robbery incident occurred in Gujranwala where the tenant donned an abaya to rob his landlord after he was unable to pay the rent. Police have released the suspect although a case has been lodged against him after completing legal procedures.
The man claimed that he was unemployed since the past few months due to lockdown. He was eventually compelled to rob his landlord by brandishing a sharp object and stealing Rs39,000 from him and pay his dues.
The landlord promptly lodged a report following which police arrested the suspect after a brief investigation. During interrogation, the suspect revealed that his business has been affected due to the lockdown due to which he was unable to pay his rent.
The man told police was forced to rob the landlord due to dire situation at home as his children were suffering. He said he had a pushcart selling ‘dahi bara’ to fulfill his household expenses which has been badly affected due to the lockdown causing him immense mental stress and agony.
The police staff at Gujranwala Civil Lines Police Station was overwhelmed after hearing the suspect’s confessional statement and released him after offering to pay his dues. However, Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) has registered a case to complete legal procedures.
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