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Imran Alvi

Imran Alvi

The writer is a stock market analyst.

Angry mob tortures suspected robbers in Karachi

KARACHI: Citizens in Malir’s Ibrahim Haideri Goth today (Monday) captured and tortured suspected robbers. Later, the captured robbers were handed in police custody. According to details, two alleged dacoits fell into the hands of citizens in the Malir area of

Need for economic revival

The National Assembly has approved the Federal Budget 2020-21 presented by the PTI-led federal government. The incumbent government has not introduced any new tax in this budget, which will have a positive impact on the business community. However, due to

Budget relief

The government is set to pass the federal budget for fiscal year 2020-21. It has already hinted at providing stimulus packages and allocating funds to various sectors in the upcoming budget. The pharmaceutical sector is expected to receive a massive

No excuse for another lockdown

The situation in the country has been worsening with each passing day. The most vulnerable segments of society are the worst affected and are facing dire circumstances on the verge of starvation. When the pandemic started spreading, the Sindh government