Hassan Sohail

Hassan Sohail

The writer is a mass communication student.

Constitution Reigns Supreme

“Democracy is the best revenge.”  This famous quote echoed the thirst for emancipation in the world of autocracies. These prophetic words are from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who was later slain on the path to democracy, mere after his beloved father’s

US exits Afghanistan

The United States has ended its 20-year-long presence in Afghanistan. The last US soldier has left the country on a military plane, ending a hasty and humiliating exit for Washington and its allies. The mission that started with the Taliban

The Taliban are back

On the brisk morning of Aug 15, two young boys in the city of Kabul; left their homes; rather hastily. They did not know each other’s name, family, or clan, yet their goal was the same—to reach Hamid Karzai International