ATC assists Oman Air’s plane avoiding crash in Karachi

KARACHI: CAA’s Air Traffic Controller has saved Oman Air’s aircraft, entering the Karachi region en route from Indian airspace, from a horrific accident.

The aircraft got caught by lightning in Sindh’s Chor area due to bad weather. Air Traffic Controller guided the aircraft out of the storm after being approached by the pilot hence avoiding a major accident.

The captain lost control of the aircraft after it got caught by lightening and was lowered to an altitude of 36,000ft from  38,000ft.

According to the CAA spokesperson, the captain of the aircraft sent
‘mayday’ call to ATC on an emergency basis, owing to which the Air Traffic Controller guided the captain to avoid hitting any other airplane. More than 150 passengers were on the board whose lives were saved by the responsible attitude of the ATC’s officer. 

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