American house and the giant China

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

Three days ago, a piece of news broke from Beijing that created a big upheaval in world politics. And the shock was such that the East was surprised by it, while the situation in the West was such that the faces of every news anchor who broke the news were depressed. Judging by the immediate reaction of the Western media, every major channel immediately took their White House correspondent online to find out how the upheaval was affecting the White House. ?

The news broke that secret talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran had been going on for six days in Beijing, the capital of China, which resulted in an agreement to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries. This development has global implications. But first of all one should see the most basic meaning of it. Just as there is a large group of different communities or classes at the social level, which in a sense rules over them, it is also the case at the global level. Just as there is a Chaudhry or Hazrat of the community whom to offend is tantamount to dooming one’s life, the same is true in world politics. Just as it happens at the community level, in case of any major conflict, which is settled through the mediation of the community at large, so it is also the case in global conflicts.

The name of the big Chaudhry Sahib of our world today is the United States. We all know what America has to do to maintain its monopoly. The history of the recent past is enough to make it clear that the United States has played the role of the supreme ruler of the world in creating global conflicts and then resolving them according to its own purposes and interests. Thus, the first meaning of the news breaking from Beijing is that another Chaudhry has also started his activities regularly. Not only this, but the thing beyond that is that the two most important countries of the most sensitive region of the world have accepted the new Chaudhry as their elder. And not only that, but the new Chaudhry is so effective that he managed to hide such a large activity from all the intelligence agencies of the world including CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

In simple words, the gist of it is that Biden was awakened from his dream state in which he was dreaming of the victory of Russia, and was told, My lord! Open your eyes, the Middle East has slipped out of hand. This is the same Middle East where not only America had set up its bases by giving away the threats of Israel, but weapons were also sold to these Arab countries day and night. Then in 2011, it started the project of starting the patronage of the Shiite countries of the region by putting the Arab Spring. In this plan, they had to overthrow the governments of the Arab countries to avoid internal chaos. And in this situation, the Shia countries had to give supremacy in the region. But this project failed in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain. On the contrary, the Saudis sent a clear message of resistance to Iran by heating up Syria. In such a situation, when Donald Trump came to power in America, he was in conflict with the American establishment even before he came. In this confrontation, Donald Trump has given the US establishment a taste of its Middle East agenda, which was launched with the help of Barack Obama.

The Saudis got a four-year respite during which they could stabilize themselves. So this is what Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did. The most important point in Mohammed bin Salman’s strategy was that he laid the foundation for establishing relations with Israel, which is very effective in America. Through this strategy, Muhammad bin Salman tried to kill two birds with one arrow. The first is that the Jewish lobby of the United States should be brought to its side in the context of Israel. While the second is that it sent a message to Iran that we have reduced the Israeli threat to zero, so now we are one with you. In such a situation, the 2020 presidential elections in the United States came to a head, and Joe Biden, during the election campaign, boasted that he would come to power and make Saudi Arabia suffer from global isolation. And then as soon as he came into power, he started implementing it. Removed the American fleet from the Gulf. Remove the Patriot missile batteries and make claims to bring Mohammed Salman to justice.

If you consider, the distance that Muhammad bin Salman has traveled from the western camp to the eastern camp in just one year is centuries. In the same year, the non-white global alliance called BRICS also seems to be expanding rapidly. The alliance’s goals include liberating the world from American oppression and bringing about a world order free from oppression and blackmail. Its dollar has played a central role in American oppression. And all the strength of the dollar comes from Saudi oil. This means that Saudi Arabia’s entry into BRICS and withdrawal from the petro-dollar program will be a shock that the US will not be able to bear.

Now in this background when the news comes out that Saudi Arabia has made progress towards ending its disputes with Iran through the mediation of China. So this means that Saudi Arabia’s hint of going into BRICS, and the possibility of the end of the petro-dollar, is not just a possibility, but an inscription on the wall. If you think about it, for seventy years, America has been selling weapons to Arab countries by threatening them with Israel. But the situation that arose after the failure of the Arab Spring was also used by the United States for arms sales. Now the United States had followed the path of selling weapons to the Arabs by threatening them with Iran.

The biggest advantage of taking China’s side instead of America’s is the difference in the strategy of China and America. War and fear are key to American strategy. Look at its past seventy years of history spanning from the Middle East to the South China Sea. It will be seen fighting countries and selling arms in that fight. Even if there is no fight, the atmosphere of war is maintained by the US. In contrast, China is a country that throughout its history seems to have believed in growth through trade. A businessman hates war the most. Because he knows that war means closing the market. So, from China’s patronage in the Middle East, at least this much is certain that peace will be the priority at all times. This priority means that there is a strong possibility that the war situation that has spread from Syria to Yemen will gradually end.

If we look at this situation from the BRICS side, the presence of Iran and Saudi Arabia in BRICS will mean that not only Russia, the country with the largest area in the world, China and India, the two countries with the largest population in the world are also in BRICS. Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the world’s three largest oil and gas-producing countries, will also be in this alliance. Thus, from a strategic point of view, it will be a very powerful alliance. You must be wondering how likely Pakistan is to progress toward this alliance. We think it will be a difficult decision for Islamabad. Because the market in Pakistan is in America and Europe. Therefore, Pakistan will not act in any hurry.

An important question in this scenario is what will happen to Israel now? Will he accept this shock? Or will it return to the old strategy in which he seemed confused by both Shia and Sunni countries at the same time? There is no doubt that this shock is very severe for the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in two ways. One is that Netanyahu has been the most active Israeli leader in terms of friendship with Arab countries. And the second is that these days Netanyahu is facing serious internal problems. People are already on the streets against Netanyahu. Now the same people will also criticize the deception of Saudi Arabia. But the good thing is that Netanyahu is poisoned by American Democrats. So he will not shake hands with Biden. On the contrary, there is another possibility that China is the only country in the world whose citizens have free access to both Palestine and Israel. The reason is that China already has trusting relations with the countries.

Now, if you look at it from the Israeli point of view, what is its most important goal? That is to make Israel friendly with Muslim countries and all recognize it as a state. So, it is not far-fetched that soon Netanyahu will appear in Beijing and ask China to make peace with them too. If this happens, the remaining influence of the United States in the Middle East will not remain. From lethal attacks to coups, there are many tried and tested tips in his basket. But these tips will not be easy to follow because a huge economic crisis is standing on his head. The biggest observation we have already seen is that a giant called China is sitting in the Saudi house vacated by the United States, as an example of an empty radio station! The American house and the Chinese giant.

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