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10-year-old boy makes Urdu typing record

BAHAWALPUR: A 10-year old boy from Chishtian has impressed others due to his extraordinary typing speed.

Saad-ur-Rahman can type 170 words of English and 130 words of Urdu in one minute. His typing speed in Urdu is a record as it is considered one of the most difficult languages to type.

Saad said that he achieved the typing skills in just four months during the coronavirus-imposed lockdown when his school was closed.

Saad claims that he can type equally fast and accurately with a blindfold on and is now aiming to become the world’s fastest typist.

He is also eager to support his father who owns an Urdu and English composing shop. Besides becoming the world’s fastest typist, Saad also wants to pursue a career in software engineering.


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