Zara Noor Abbas celebrates 30th birthday

The actress revealed secret talent with her fans and followers which was 'art (Photo: Instagram)

Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas has turned thirty and shared a glimpse from her birthday party.

The ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ actress said that the last year taught her a lot about humanity and she is so satisfied to be around the people who matter and is at ease with herself. 

Sharing her adorable photo where she can be seen cutting the cake, Zara wrote, “As I turn 30 today, I believe in God more than ever. I believe in miracles more than ever. The fact that kindness wins it all and that I am no longer a slave of my past but a proud well worthy owner of every feeling and emotion I went through and will go through from now on.”

She further said “The last year has taught me a lot about humanity and today and I am so satisfied to be around the people who matter. I am at ease with myself. Took 30 long years to understand that I can’t control A single thing. So I give my all to my God and pray that he takes me where ever HE pleases. I am with no pretence – no sugar coating. I am with no regrets – no imposters. I am who I am and around the best family and friends I could ever ask for. So I happily devour myself to myself. Ready to learn more. Love more. Give more. Help more.”

“Happiest Birthday to me. And here is to eating all my beautiful yummy birthday cakes,” Zara further said. Fans and showbiz stars shared their birthday wishes shortly after she posted the photo.

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