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Wrestling needs more government support, says Jordon Hurr

KARACHI; Young kids and teenagers generally have quite an interest in the sport of wrestling, especially international competitions as well as pro-wrestling. Today, we have invited Jordon Hurr to our show Sports Time. Jordon has performed not only in the country, but also represented Pakistan on the international stage and made the country proud.

MM News: People usually think wrestling matches being shown on TV are not real, is it the case?

Jordon Hurr: Wrestling competitions are real. Our teachers taught us so, I do not believe wrestling competitions are fake.

 MM News: Last time you defeated a Nepalese rival, what did you learn from that bout, and what did you do best?

Jordon Hurr: On that occasion, the opponent was much more experienced than me. Since he was a Nepalese, and the competition was held in Nepal, he also had home advantage. I had to dig deep to beat him. I always feel great when I overcome a seasoned campaigner.

MM News: What was going on in your head before the fight with Nepalese fighter Thago, were you confident enough beat him? And how did you feel when you did?

Jordon Hurr: When I had found out I was going to compete with Thago, a pretty good wrestler, I watched his old fights and identified some of his weaknesses. But in the morning, when the bout began, Thago proved to be way more tougher than I had anticipated, however, in the end I managed to overcome him, which made me quite pleased.

MM News: Tell us about your toughest fight, and who was the opponent?

Jordan Hurr: I would say my best wrestling fight was a flag match held in People’s Square Karachi. In the flag match, there is a flag, you have to take it in order to win the fight. I received awful lot of injuries in that match, but I won, which is the most import thing.

MM News: Who is your favorite wrestler?

Jordan Hurr: people often ask me this question, people think that maybe my favorite wrestler would be some pro wrestler from WWE, but I believe we should appreciate and promote our own talent. We have quite a few talented wrestlers. I would prefer to answer this question rather differently. If you ask me which wrestler would I love to compete against the most? I would pick XMak, he is a top wrestler.

MM News: Who do you consider the best wrestler around?

Jordan Hurr: For me, Randy Orton is the best, I love watching him compete.

MM News: What other sports interest you besides wrestling?

Jordan Hurr: I’m a wrestler and I love wrestling. Other sports don’t interest me much.

MM News: What steps do you think ought to be taken to develop the sport of wrestling in Pakistan?

Jordan Hurr: In my view wrestling is moving forward in the country, albeit slowly, but it’s progress nonetheless. With international wrestlers coming to participate in Pakistan, as well as ours going abroad to compete, it simply means the sport is progressing. Though, there are some restraints that stopping us from utilizing our full potential. We need support in terms of funding, the government needs take steps in this regard.


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