Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 92 million

WASHINGTON: The coronavirus has infected more than 92,778,786 million people worldwide and killed 1,986,900 people.

More than 66.29 million coronavirus patients have been cured in the world and more than 24.49 million are undergoing treatment. Coronavirus is the worst-hit country in the United States, with 393,928 deaths and more than 236,160,000 people affected.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 151,765 deaths and more than 1512,000 people diagnosed with the virus. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is 260,000 and more than 82.57 million people are affected.

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In Russia, more than 3.4 million to 71 people have been infected with the coronavirus and the total death toll is 63,370. More than 3.211 million people have been affected in the UK and 84,767 deaths have occurred. In France, more than 2.83 million people have been affected and 69,031 have lost their lives.

In Turkey, 2,355,839 people have been affected and 23,325 have died. In Italy, more than 2.319 million people have been affected, while 80,326 people have died