Women should live in fear of husband’s second marriage: Muneeb Butt

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Actor Muneeb Butt has recently expressed his opinion on a second marriage.

The actor recently appeared on a morning show where the host asked him about his opinion about a man’s second marriage. To which Butt responded that this fear should exist among wives that their husband might marry another woman and that way they should pamper their husbands more. 

He added that wives should look after their husbands. Apart from that, Butt also shared that, so far he has been a part of successful projects only that have garnered good ratings.

Actor Muneeb Butt, who will be seen in an upcoming drama serial ‘Baddua’, also revealed about the actresses he declined to work with.  While replying to a question about his desire to work with one of his favorite actresses, Muneeb unveiled that he wants to work with actress Yumna Zaidi.

Upon hearing Yumna’s name, the host cleared her question that the actress should be from the film industry and not the TV industry and as an example, she gave Mahira and Saba’s names.

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Things got intense when Muneeb unintentionally declined and said, “How can I work with them, they are elder than me, I mean I will look younger, they are a little elder than me.”

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