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Will not accept illegitimate demands of petrol pump owners: Hamad Azhar

Energy Minister Hamad Azhar says dealers' margin will be decided at next ECC meeting. (Photo: Facebook)

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar has said that he will not accept the illegitimate demands of petrol pump owners while some groups want an increase of Rs 9.

According to details, the energy minister said in a statement that Rs 9 could not be added to reward some companies. “We will accept the legitimate demands of the petrol pump, we will not accept the illegitimate demands,” he maintained.

The minister said that it was not right to disturb the people. A summary of dealer margin increase was presented in the Economic Co-ordination Committee which will be decided in the next meeting. The government will accept the legitimate demands of the pump owners, he said.

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Hamad Azhar in the context of today’s strike of petrol pump owners said that we are aware of the problems of petrol pump owners, dealers should also understand the problems of the people, reconsider their decision.

It may be recalled that earlier the Ministry of Petroleum had reassured the people who were worried about the non-availability of petrol and said that there was no need to worry as petrol pumps of PSO, Shell, Total and other companies were open.

The Ministry of Petroleum said that in view of the demand of the Pump Dealers Association, companies and dealers are working for a reasonable increase in margins.



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