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White House lawyers start Trump’s defense at Senate trial

White House lawyers start Trump's defense at Senate trial
WASHINGTON: White House attorneys started presenting their defense of Donald Trump at his landmark Senate impeachment hearing on Saturday, arguing that the president has done nothing wrong with his relations with Ukraine and accusing Democrats of trying to reverse the results of the 2016 elections.
White House lawyer Pat Cipollone took the floor to open claims at a special weekend session of the 100-member’s Senate to determine whether the 45th US President should be impeached.

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Democratic lawyers from the House of Representatives, who criticized Trump on December 18, had not argued that the President was guilty of misuse of power and interference of the Congress, Cipollone said this is going to be the third trial in US history.
Cipollone further said the Democrats were urging the Senate to “overturn the results of the last election” and to exclude Trump from the ballot in the November vote.
The Republican President Donald Trump also tweeted comments from fans who praised his accomplishments when he came into office in January 2017.

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Trump’s attorneys will have 24 hours spaced over three days to deliver their defense of the president to the Senate, with Republicans retaining a 53-47-seat advantage.
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